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We’re excited to announce you’ll be
wranglin’ some education data this year!

We are embracing our Texan roots to give you a western-themed weekend where all our participants, Data Wranglers, can provide insights and advice on critical challenges facing our education system.

We’ll give you everything you need

No need to prepare your own dataset or project idea. We will give all participants the same dataset to use for our challenge.

No Experience Necessary

To help you navigate the challenge, learn data science skills, and make the most of the weekend, we will provide mentors and workshops. We will also have tracks for beginner, intermediate, and advanced data scientists. The focus of this event is to foster your growth and excitement for data science.

Wrestle up a team or wrangle solo

We will have a team-building mini event to help you find your dream team. If you choose to team up beforehand, remember that the challenge will require mathematics, statistics, data ethics, AND computer science knowledge, so go multi-disciplinary if you can!

You’ll need some technical getup

Set up your computer ahead of time. Check out our Survival Guide for step-by-step instructions.


At the end of the datathon, you’ll be able to submit your project for prizes! Your team will be able to submit to the Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced Track for judging based on your experience level. No matter how far you get in the challenge, we encourage y’all to submit your project!

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