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At the end of the datathon, you’ll be able to submit your project for prizes! Your team will submit a project to one of our tracks, based on y’alls experience level. If you end up with a mixed-experience team, we’ll help you choose your submission track Sunday morning. No matter how far you get in the challenge, we encourage y’all to submit your project!

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If you are new to data science, compete in our Beginner Track. No prior data science experience is necessary to attend the Rowdy Datathon!


If you are familiar with some data science concepts, compete in our Intermediate Track. Maybe you have taken a data-science-related course or two, or you have worked on a data science project before.


If you are knowledgeable in data science, compete in our Advanced Track. Maybe you have completed a data science project or taken multiple data science courses before.


You’ll have 24 hours to work through our data science challenge. We’ll have mentors to help you along the way and workshops to help you learn new skills. No experience necessary!

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