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9amHacker Check-inBuilding Entryway
9amSponsor Tabling1st Floor Lobby
11amOpening CeremoniesRowdy Rowdy Weston Ballroom
11:30amApproaching the ChallengeRowdy Rowdy Weston Ballroom
12pmHacking BeginsN/A
12pmTeam Roundup1st Floor Lobby
1pmLunchCoyote Cantina
2pm Python 101Rattlesnake Ridge (room 230)
2pm R 101Jackrabbit Junction (room 200a)
3:30pm SQL 101Rattlesnake Ridge (room 230)
3:30pm Intro to Time Series Statistical Analysis in RJackrabbit Junction (room 200a)
4:30pm Python & SQL For Extracting Insights from DataRattlesnake Ridge (room 230)
4:30pmImage Analysis w/ PytorchJackrabbit Junction (room 200a)
5:30pmPaint-a-potPrickly Pear Parlor
6:30pmDinnerCoyote Cantina
8pmMechanical BullRowdy Rowdy Weston Ballroom
9:30pm How to Code Spiking NeuronsRattlesnake Ridge (room 230)
11pm How to Build Spiking Neural NetworksRattlesnake Ridge (room 230)
12amLate Night SnackCoyote Cantina


12:30amCup Stacking1st Floor Lobby
1:30amCostume ContestRowdy Rowdy Weston Ballroom
7amBreakfastCoyote Cantina
8am Pitching & Submitting Your ProjectRattlesnake Ridge
12pmProject Submissions DueRowdy Rowdy Weston Ballroom
1pmLunchCoyote Cantina
1pmJudging orientationroom 230
2pmJudging BeginsN/A
4pmMini Event: BingoRowdy Rowdy Weston Ballroom
4:45pmNSA TriviaRowdy Rowdy Weston Ballroom
5pmClosing CeremoniesRowdy Rowdy Weston Ballroom
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